World Laboratory Day

Happy World Laboratory Day!

World Laboratory DayWorld Laboratory Day is celebrated each year on April 23rd. On World Laboratory Day, we celebrate the location where many of our great scientific discoveries and inventions arise. The vast research, testing and discovery done in laboratories has lead to improved human health, technological breakthroughs, and greater scientific understanding. We’re indebted to the wide variety of scientists doing great work in laboratories across the world. In fact, dental pulp stem cells were…you guessed it…discovered in a laboratory!

The NDPL Laboratory

World Laboratory DayWhen banking teeth with NDPL, you can rest assured knowing that quality control is of utmost importance at our state-of-the-art NDPL laboratory and storage facility. We perform a series of daily quality control tests to ensure that we’re operating at precisely optimal levels. From our hoods and equipment to our safety wear, processes, and storage tanks, every item or procedure in our lab goes through a constant series of quality control testing and validation.

One significant advantage of banking dental stem cells with NDPL is that our processing laboratory and stem cell storage facility are at the same location. Some of our competitors have laboratories that are in different locations than their and storage facilities or administrative offices, requiring additional shipping after processing. Our liquid nitrogen stem cell storage tanks are less than one hundred feet from our laboratory, ensuring that your stem cells will be immediately preserved with minimal manipulation and handling. We invite anyone considering storing their dental pulp stem cells with NDPL to take a private tour with one of our scientists, where we will show you the laboratory and storage facility.

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