Saving dental stem cells in baby teeth

stem cells in baby teethWhile all healthy teeth have stem cells, the stem cells in baby teeth are the best candidates for stem cell banking. Over time, harmful environmental factors affect our body’s cells, including our stem cells. Baby teeth are ideal candidates for stem cell banking because they have been exposed to lower levels of these environmental factors. Most children start losing their baby teeth between the ages of five and seven.

 Collecting dental stem cells in baby teeth

The highest quantity and quality of stem cells will come from teeth that maintain a blood supply until they are harvested. A tooth that falls out naturally is a great candidate for the tooth fairy, but unfortunately, not for stem cell banking. In order for the tooth to be an acceptable candidate, it must be collected before it falls out through natural exfoliation– ideally, right after the tooth starts wiggling.

Tooth collection process

The tooth collection process is easy, and poses no risk to your child. After enrolling with us online, schedule an appointment with your family dentist to have the newly wiggling tooth extracted. We’ll mail you our collection kit, which you’ll bring to the dentist on the day of your appointment. After the extraction the dentist will place the tooth in the sterile transport medium in the collection kit, which will then be shipped to the NDPL laboratory, priority overnight.

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