NDPL Refer a FriendRefer a friend and get $100 gift card if they enroll with NDPL!

Because you’ve recognized the life-saving potential of dental stem cell banking, you’ve made a decision vital to your family’s future health. You’ve learned about the value and the tremendous potential offered by stem cell preservation. Doesn’t it make sense to pass that knowledge along to those you love?

NDPL makes it easy to refer a friend! Whether its a friend with a child going through the process of losing their primary teeth, or a family member who may need their wisdom teeth extracted– simply fill out the form below, and each of your referrals will receive information about National Dental Pulp Laboratory via e-mail. Once your referral enrolls and we store their cells, you’ll receive a $100 Visa gift card!

Important Note: The eligibility of this promotion is subject to certain conditions: 1) Promotion only valid for US residents. 2) The account of  referring client must be in good standing. 3) The referred client must have completed the enrollment process and successfully stored the dental pulp stem cells with NDPL.


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