After enrolling, Dentist Providers will receive the NDPL ‘Dentist Provider welcome kit’ with the following contents:

  • NDPL tooth collection kits
  • Patient Brochures
  • Brochure Holder
  • Waiting Room Educational Poster
  • Promotional items: Pens, clip boards, tooth brush holders

Additionally, you’ll receive:

  • periodic client education scripts, to help you and your team develop comfort in bringing up the opportunity of dental stem cell banking with your patients.
  • educational movies
  • Access to dedicated, knowledgeable staff


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NDPL collection kit

The NDPL collection kit contains:

  • 100ml Hyclone vial
  • cool pack
  • insulating foam insert
Client Education Scripts

Often times in the beginning, discussing your new service of ‘dental stem cell banking’ can be awkward. We’re here to help, with client education scripts!

Website badges

Download from a selection of 3 NDPL Dentist Provider badges to embed on your website.


Every Dentist Provider is supplied with a brochure holder filled with brochures. Need more? Just let us know!

Waiting Room Poster

Educational poster for your office waiting room.

Educational Videos

Ask us about embedding any of our educational videos into the ‘dental stem cell banking’ page of your website!

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