Dental stem cell banking with NDPL – interest free financing with no credit check required!

dental stem cell banking with interest free financing - NDPLNational Dental Pulp Laboratory believes that everyone should have access to the life-saving potential that comes from banking dental stem cells. To that end, our dental stem cell banking options are also offered with INTEREST FREE financing. We don’t utilize outside banks or financing companies and there is absolutely NO credit check. It really is that simple.

NDPL Interest Free Financing

For less than the price of a coffee a day, you can safely store your dental pulp stem cells with NDPL. We believe in complete transparency when it comes to our pricing, and encourage you to compare us with the competition. There are never any hidden fees or up-charges when you choose National Dental Pulp Laboratory.

Storage Plan6 month financing12 month financing
Annual Storage Plan$58.17$29.08
20 year Storage Planx180.83

prices are after $250 collection kit deposit.

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