Why become an NDPL Dentist Provider?

You've decided that you want to offer dental stem cell banking. Why NDPL?

Industry Leaders

With our affiliate NECC, we have been global pioneers in cryogenics since 1971.

Our Facility

Unlike most dental stem cell banks, we perform both processing and storage services in our own cutting-edge facility.


Besides offering stem cell banking, NDPL is also a stem cell research facility.

Our Reputation

Top-notch customer service is the single goal of our professional, knowledgeable team. But you don’t have to take our word for it.

NDPL is looking to join forces with practices that recognize the importance stem cells will play in the future of dentistry and overall medical therapy, and who want to offer their patients an affordable way to secure their potentially life-saving stem cells.

The forward-thinking practices we’re looking for recognize that providing dental stem cell harvesting to their patients positions their practice with an advantage in their marketplace, and as a caregiver.


NDPL offers dentists  remuneration in the amount of $200 per enrolled patient, for any NDPL stem cell preservation program. The reimbursement will occur after the tooth is processed and stored. This program is our way of encouraging dental professionals to be a part of the future of stem cell treatment and regenerative medicine, by offering your patients an opportunity to bank invaluable cells for their families.

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