What do our clients say?

We’re proud of how we do things at NDPL—from our scientific processes, to our customer service. See what some of our clients had to say.

Having learned about the importance dental stem cells may have in upcoming medical treatments, the decision to store the stem cells in my extracted wisdom teeth was an easy one. However, I wasn’t sure what bank to use. The folks at NDPL were knowledgeable and very attentive to my specific questions, which helped secure my decision to go with them. The fact that they are the most affordable dental stem cell bank was a cherry on top.

Kayla N.

I chose to save my 20 year old son's dental pulp from his wisdom teeth. We had a very narrow window of time to do this. I received the package the next day, two days later he had his teeth removed, the nurse followed the instructions that were sent and packed the teeth. I called the shipping company, it was picked up and delivered next day to the lab. It was really easy!

Sue E.

I think that this is an opportunity that should not be missed, and it’s so affordable! Banking Rache’s dental stem cells alleviates some anxiety for me, knowing we have stem cells that are a perfect match.

Nancy C.

We have always known that stem cells could potentially play a key role in finding a treatment for diabetes sometime in the future. Having the opportunity to store Abi’s own stem cells seemed like a really smart option.

Maria M.

We hope we never have to utilize the cells for anything, but it ends up being about $10 a month, so it’s not much more than having coffee every day. In the event that, as a family, you have something to contend with, if for that amount of money you’re able to mitigate the medical issues, that is good peace of mind.

Carla M.

I chose to bank with NDPL because of the attentiveness, customer service, and knowledge. I felt very secure banking my child's precious stem cells with NDPL, and their dedication was very evident from the very first phone call. I knew that this was the way to go.

Jeannine F.

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