Time to Compare Dental Stem Cell Banks!

Congratulations! You have made the choice to bank your child’s dental stem cells. It is always wise to compare dental stem cell banks. But which dental stem cell bank is the right one for you?

At NDPL, we certainly hope our experience, personnel, and state-of-the-art facility will weigh heavily when considering where to store your precious dental stem cells. But if you’re a numbers sort of person, we have taken the time to provide you with side by side comparisons of other major dental stem cell banks to show you exactly how we stack up. As you will see, our prices are some of the lowest in the industry. We intentionally keep our prices lower because we firmly believe that dental stem cell banking should be available to as many people as possible. Our pricing is straight forward: you won’t find any hidden fees or other up-charges at National Dental Pulp Laboratory.  Compare Dental Stem Cell Banks

 Stem Cell Storage PricingNDPLStemSaveStore-a-ToothTooth BankStemodontics™Oothy
Collection and Processing$599$630$850$605$2085$2940 (20 year)
Annual storage$99$120$150$115$264$0
Total first year costs$599$750$1000$720$2173$2940
First year storage included? YESNONONONOYES
No-interest FinancingYESNOYESNON/AN/A

Prices as of April 2020

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