National Tooth Fairy Day

Today is National Tooth Fairy Day!

National Tooth Fairy DayMost of us remember the thrill of losing our first teeth as a child, and waking up the next morning to a special little gift from the tooth fairy. Some of us are even experiencing that thrill all over again, but as parents! Today is not only a day to relive those fun childhood memories and create new ones with our children, but to enjoy the short and interesting history of the tooth fairy!

Tooth Fairy Origins

While the idea and practice of giving gifts to children after losing a tooth can be traced back to medieval Northern Europe, our modern idea of the tooth fairy is only as recent as the early 20th century. One of the earlier reference to the tooth fairy from recent times comes from a “Household Hints” item in a 1908 edition of the Chicago Daily Tribune:[1]

Many a refractory child will allow a loose tooth to be removed if he knows about the Tooth Fairy. If he takes his little tooth and puts it under the pillow when he goes to bed the Tooth Fairy will come in the night and take it away, and in its place will leave some little gift. It is a nice plan for mothers to visit the 5 cent counter and lay in a supply of articles to be used on such occasions. –Lillian Brown.[2]

Tooth Fairy Partners with NDPL*

While the tradition of the tooth fairy brings lots of enjoyment to both children and adults, there has been a recent change to the tooth fairy’s standard operating procedures that are important to mention on National Tooth Fairy Day. Specifically, in partnership with NDPL, the tooth fairy has begun working in conjunction with state and federal dental organizations to help raise awareness to parents that their little one’s teeth have valuable stem cells that we can help save, in case they need them for future medical therapies! Additionally, with parents’ permission, the tooth fairy will be donating any viable teeth from her efforts to the NDPL laboratory, where the dental pulp will be used for research. No matter how the donated tooth will be used, they will be of immense value in furthering the science of dental stem cells. The donated teeth could even lead to the next dental breakthrough!

If you’re little one is in the process of losing their teeth, and you’d like to save the valuable stem cells in them, please give us a call at 774-843-2984.

The NDPL Process

*Portions of this section are parody and fabricated for your and your children’s entertainment value.