COVID-19 Coronavirus Emergency

NDPL COVID-19 Coronavirus Statement

NECBB COVID-19 Coronavirus StatementAs we adjust our lives to reduce the transmission of coronavirus, it is natural to worry about the safety and security of everything you hold precious, including your newborn’s stem cells.

As a laboratory business deemed ‘essential’ by the state of Massachusetts, National Dental Pulp Laboratory will remain open and fully operational.  

As we all navigate through this new coronavirus threat, we will keep you updated with any pertinent news that develops.

Existing Clients

If you currently have your child’s Dental Pulp with NDPL, rest assured knowing that your stored unit will not be jeopardized in any way through the COVID-19 coronavirus emergency.

Our storage facility is fully equipped to handle the most severe disasters or emergencies. Our gravity-fed bulk liquid nitrogen tank doesn’t rely on electricity to feed our storage tanks, and our backup generator protects our facility from power outages.

New Enrollments

If you recently signed up with NDPL, or are considering enrolling, the only potential change at this time will be for people who opt to have their collection kit picked up by Fed Ex.
A collection kit pickup at your home will likely be no issue. However, if you are scheduling a pickup at your dentist’s office, please be aware that there may be a delay due to the coronavirus emergency. As a relatively easy failsafe, you can always drop off the collection kit at your nearest Fedex location.