Stem Cell Awareness Day 2017

Stem Cell Awareness Day

Today is Stem Cell Awareness Day! Each year on the second Wednesday of October, organizations and individuals around the world work together to ensure that we all realize the benefits of one of the most promising fields of science in …

Paul Knoepfler Talk on iPS Cells

Paul Knoepfler Talk on iPS Cells

As you can imagine, here at NDPL induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) excite us for many reasons. If iPS cells fascinate you as well, you’ve likely come across Paul Knoepfler’s name.  Perhaps you saw his TED Talk, or picked up his …

Diabetes Alert Day

Today is Diabetes Alert Day

Did you know that today is Diabetes Alert Day? That’s right! Today is Diabetes Alert Day; a day to increase awareness about the prevalence of type 2 diabetes in American adults, and also a day of action! America, you’ve been asked …

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