At The Lab

  • Processing:

    NDPL’s processing technique follows the FDA guidelines of minimal manipulation. The stem cells are prepped for slow-freeze by using a cryoprotectant which prevents damage. The cryoprotectant is washed out of the stem cells in the thawing. Research has shown that this methodology is the most successful in terms of cell recovery.


  • Storage:

    Stem cells are stored individually in a sealed cryo-container. The cryo-container is designed specifically for long-term cryogenic storage. The container is coded, and then placed in a jacketed vapor tank cooled by liquid nitrogen. This type of cooling method prevents all cross contamination. One-hundred percent of the processed cells are preserved for you and nothing is withheld for our use, a procedure unique to NDPL.


  • Protection:

    Our cryogenic facility maintains multiple levels of security. This includes back up alarm systems, 24 hour on-call staff, 24 hour temperature monitoring, and a gravity driven liquid nitrogen system which does not depend on electricity.

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